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Event Planning

How about something new and unusual at your next event? 


I'ts easy to book me for one of your On-site or In-store engraving events to promote your products during special events and holidays! 

Tell me your ideas! (Wish Pebbles make great little placeholders. Or persons can have me engrave their name or short word on them. )

Please call or email me and I'll be happy to discuss it with you!  Fee depends on your needs.

When companies offer Free Engraving, it may definitely promote an increase in wine, fragrance or gift sales and can attract repeat customers.  It not only gives the buyer a satisfaction of purchasing something special, but gives the recipient a feeling of knowing someone cared enough to do this especially for them.  Everyone likes personalized items! 


A good example of this on one of my engraving jobs I had a lady that was buying a fragrance bottle for her mother as a Christmas gift. She liked the personalizing and my engraving so much that she bought both her daughters,son and husband a gift.. To top that all off, she brought her sister over to show her what I was doing, and she also bought 3 gifts!  Dillards at Arbor Place was very happy with the increased sales.

At many events the engraving is paid by the sponsor, vendor, or the establishment. I will be happy to negotiate a day rate with you; the customer pays nothing for the engraving.  At every event, people will leave with big smiles!

The only things I require once we set the dates is a table, a chair and access to an electrical outlet.  I supply all the equipment to get the job done

Please call or email me to find out about or set up an in-store or on-site Event!


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