Our Gallery

Bic Lighter Cases
Various lighter covers for Bic lighter. Will also do custom cases.
Leather Bracelet
A wide woven leather bracelet with brass rivets.
Assorted Projects
A few of our items for sale
Wing Bracelet
Original designed custom bracelet by Michelle for a customer featuring a labradorite stone.
Mobile Phone Case
Designed for a customer featuring a hand carved bear
Carved Knife Case
Carved knife case by Renee. Custom cases for your style knife.
Belt Case
This case will hand on your belt. Great for gamer Cards or other small items to keep you handsfree!
Dragon Art Piece
This was done as an art piece for a friend that loves purple dragons!
Leather heart Earrings
Key Ring
Key ring designed for customer
Ear Bud Case
For iphone ear buds
Carved Tobacco Pouch
This piece is a carved tobacco pouch with a custom pipe holder that was made for a very happy customer.
Knife Sheath & Cases
Any style knife or sheath can be made to fit your knives
Childs Purse
Childs Carved Leather Purse
Student Purse
Hand carved dragon purse
Engraved Gun Grip
Gun grip engraved for customer
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